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The Parke O'Dwyer Vocal Studio offers professional singing lessons using the most sought after techniques in the world. These techniques have been tried and tested and used by over 120 Grammy Award winners and countless actors in musical theatre, television and film.


Online Lessons 


We also offer online Zoom, Skype or FaceTime video lessons. Our clients are based in all different parts of the world.


All lessons are in AEST. 


Improve your voice from the comfort of your own home!








Singing Lessons

One on One Private Lessons


Vocal Consulting


Style Coaching


Performance/Showcase Nights



Recording services 



Parke O'Dwyer Vocal Studio is located at:

159a Glenferrie Rd, Malvern,
Melbourne, Victoria 3144

All lessons are by appointment only.

For all bookings and enquiries call

Studio: 0419 316 512



Singing Lessons / Classes Melbourne


Are you looking for singing lessons in Melbourne that will truly transform your voice? Look no further as we’re here to help! The Parke O’Dwyer Vocal Studio utilises world-class techniques that are used by over one hundred and twenty Grammy Award winners to provide professional singing lessons that translate into the world of both stage and screen. Services include one on one-studio lessons, group lessons, vocal consulting, style coaching, performance and showcase nights and workshops. If your location doesn’t suit, or you simply prefer distance learning from the comfort of your own home, Parke also provides Skype tutorials through high speed, high quality internet. You can learn to sing in so many ways to suit you.


As a certified Institute for Vocal Advancement instructor, Parke is a vocal coach Melbourne can depend on. He guarantees noted improvements after the very first lesson, and transfers his skills of quickly identifying and rectifying vocal issues to his students. With over twenty years of writing, recording and performance experience, and with knowledge in touring and dealing with managers and agents, he knows how the industry operates. He has coached all types of singers from signed artists to stage performers to singers that merely enjoy the hobby of developing their vocals to their full potential.


Parke has a goal in his method, and that is to train voices to sing naturally from their bottom range to their top - with no breaks or change in quality. Dynamics, clarity and freedom of style are the paramount outcomes he expects from his method. His training is based on the 17th and 18th century principles of singing that improves a singer’s range, endurance, breathing, vocal quality and strength and clarity, without placing the voice at harm of disrepair. When the basis of good vocal technique and balance is achieved, style is introduced to give you, the singer, the chance to bring originality to your training.


Parke deals with all clients, from experienced vocalists to children and beginner adults. There is no criteria, special age or essential requirement to start training your voice up. All that is required is determination and a willingness to learn. There are so many benefits to singing besides simply developing a great voice. Singing improves confidence, creativity, concentration, good posture and increased musical and brain development.


Parke also acts as a great method of contact for agents and record labels, such as Universal and Sony and the singing industry at large. For Melbourne singing lessons booking and enquiries, you can call or email and start the journey to finding your true voice.

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