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Parke's knowledge of the voice and practical explanations for improvement are very impressive. After one lesson with Parke I noticed an improvement in the quality of my singing which inspired me to keep coming back and keep practicing!. Parke has a great balance of encouragement and correction which caters to a range of confidence levels. Parke has helped me to prepare for and to be successful in my swing/jazz performances. I am singing notes with strength easily now that I previously thought unachievable and my confidence has also improved. I thoroughly recommend Parke to anyone wanting lessons! "






JOHN LINGARD -  The Voice  - Finalist 2014            

" Your singing teaching has been great. I've really noticed a difference after our sessions!"


INDIA MORRIS - Musical Theatre performer

"As a musical theatre performer I always wanted to “belt” but any time I tried my voice hurt. Since studing with Parke I’ve learned the right way to find power. It's so much easier singing in full voice now and it's load more fun!"

JASPER - Singer/Songwriter


"When I began my lessons with Parke, my vocal ability was very basic and the songs I sang were usually in the same monotone. Parke's guidance and ability to apply the right exercises to correct my technique has increased my vocal range and helped to find my own unique sound. The results have motivated me to continue working with Parke to strengthen my voice to its full potential."


DYLAN MEYER - Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles


"When I began learning with Parke I didn't view myself as a singer - It was something I merely did by default because no one else would. I had barely any control and nerves quickly lessened whatever natural ability I possessed.


Parke taught me that the voice is an instrument as much as any other, and that with practice you can learn to control it to sound however you wish - be it rock or soul, a whisper or scream.


I no longer freak out when I'm in the studio or on stage, because I know I have the techniques and knowledge to handle any demand. Thanks Parke!!"




 "I have been having singing lessons with Parke O'Dwyer for over 6 months now, and have really appreciated his guidance and help in correcting and improving many aspects of my vocal ability. Parke's industry knowledge of how your voice gets treated, and also his skill in diagnosing what exercise will correct which problem area, have made great improvements in my vocal ability and confidence. Parke really knows how to apply his techniques to your individual style, and therefore helped me to better understand how my voice works, how to gain confidence and control vocally. My debut releases will be out soon, check out for details."



PAUL.Z - DJ/Producer 


"Parke has helped me come a long way with my voice. Over the last year or so I've been able to gain access to parts of my voice I never knew were there, and learn faster than I expected to. I was always nervous about starting singing but he made me feel very comfortable and I've had a lot of fun with singing since I began lessons with him. I

couldn't recommend him enough!"




Parke was the Vocal Instructor for the Bunnings Warehouse project for over 120 people.


"The whole team really enjoyed singing. Thanks Parke, it was such a fun day!!"






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