Parke has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years writing, recording, touring and performing. He began singing from a very early age and at the age of 16, started singing in cover bands around Melbourne. A few years on, he began writing original songs and later toured nationally, gaining valuable experience about what it's like to tour and what it's like to work with managers and agents within the industry. 

Parke's full time dedication to the voice and continuous study and collaborations with some of the most recongnised teachers in the world, have enabled him to become an extremely effective teacher and singer.

His clients include signed artists, television stars, musical theatre performers, amateur singers and singers who simply enjoy the process of singing as a hobby and want to have fun!

Parke has trained singers that have gone on to secure record deals, roles in major musical productions and television shows.

"When I was searching for a technique to learn I was already a professional recording artist. I was quite happy with the sound of my voice. The main problem I had was I would get so tired and fatigued after each show. At the time I didn't realise how much over-muscle usage I was using, I thought it was normal as I didn't have anything to compare with, until I began the journey of researching vocal pedagogies based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing. After training in these methods, it became aware to me through specific vocal exercises, that I was able to use my voice in a way I never thought possible. My voice took on a whole new level that I never expected I could reach."

About Parke

Parke has a unique ability to quickly identify and correct vocal problems. The exercises work quickly and are very effective. It's rare not to notice improvements after your very first lesson!


"Training in these methods, allowed me to use my voice in a way I never thought possible. 


My voice took on a whole new level that I never expected I could reach."

About Celeste

Celeste is an award winning artist who dedicates her life to helping people find their own unique voice.

Celeste has 28 years of experience working in the Music Industry as a performing artist, teacher and mentor. 


Celeste has worked with hundreds of musicians, producers and actors including John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, Daryl Cocker, Alan Fletcher, Rachel Griffiths, Trevor Carter, Nigel Villella, Ian Sandercoe, Phil Johnston and Bruce Keck . Mentored by the late Rae Bainger (Graduate of London College of Voice and Speech Therapy) and Steve Jaz (Musician turned Entrepreneur and Founder of Universal School of Music), Celeste is passionate about performing, music education and leading today’s youth towards achieving their goals and aspirations and finding their own unique voice.

Her Self-titled song off her debut EP “I’ve Been Waitin” was placed in the Top 30 of the Pop Category of the 2015 Australian Song Writing Association Competition and was more recently awarded winner of the September 2018 Best Pop release through the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles.