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Recording Studio Services 


Parke's studio or onsite at another location

- Vocal Pre Production
- Recording session preparation
- Session Vocal Coaching

Ensure you get the best results on recording day!

Parke has spent almost 20 years working in recording studio environments, both personally and with other singers and understands pitfalls that can sometimes occur.   

Many engineers simply record your vocals and do not have the extra skill sets that Parke has. Parke can record your vocals and most importantly assist you with making sure you capture the best vocals on the day of your recording.

As singers, we're sometimes unable to recognise that there is a better way to sing a particular song or parts of a song. Maybe there's not enough expression, or too much expression or maybe it's a technical issue with the voice that's limiting the singer from emoting properly. When we get immediate feedback in the form of different solutions that you could try, we are then in control of the creative process and can re record those parts, then and there. 

Vocal Pre Production

Parke can assist a singer to help prepare their voice and vocal parts well in advance, so that recording day runs as smoothly as possible without any long costly delays. These include:


- Correction of any vocal difficulties (this can be limiting and affect the style a singer is going for)

- Song development

- Adding harmony 

- Arrangement 

- Backing vocals


- Above anything else the singer needs to be able to deliver the expression and emotion during their recording session, as this is what's most important to the listener. Parke has built up tools both psychologically and physiologically to assist singers

Recording session preparation

This can be done 45 mins prior to recording. Parke has specific exercises to warm-up the muscles required for singing so that the singer will start the recording session with a more rich, resonant sound, which will also last longer throughout the session. Similar to what your body feels like after a yoga or stretching session. Your body feels more flexible and agile and willing to perform to a higher standard.

Session Vocal Coaching 

Parke can quickly isolate problems that would otherwise wearout a singers voice, as they do take after take, while everyone hopes the next one will be better. Parke is able to pinpoint the cause of problem and fix it fast allowing the singer to stay fresh delivering a convincing performance while the producer and engineer remain relaxed and focused on production quality. 

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